- Web site -


In fact, there are specific and important reasons why you should build your business website as soon as possible: 

- Allows you to make yourself known on the internet locally, nationally and internationally 

- You can sell your products and services on the web, directly via the Internet or bring more customers to your company and your physical store 

- Save on traditional advertising (radio, TV, newspapers) having the advantage of being able to measure the results of communication 

- Your customers will always be informed of what you do and the news you offer, being informed at any time without needing to call 

- it's like an information office available 24 hours a day

- Increase your online reputation, that of your brand, your company, your professional activity If you think you are working hard enough and that creating a website for your company is just a waste of time and money, you should know first of all that: 
-According to Nielsen research, more than 60% of people search for the products and services of their interest on the internet 

- There are around 2 billion internet users worldwide, of which 38 million in Italy 

- 50% of internet users consider companies with a website to be more reliable, preferring to buy products and services from them 

- Only 40% of businesses have a website, this gives you great space to outperform your competitors