- Landing page -

A landing page, in web marketing, is a specifically structured web page that the visitor reaches after clicking on a link or advertisement. This page is specially developed to deal with specific topics: it shows content that is an extension of the link or advertising and is optimized for a specific keyword, or phrase, to "attract" the search engines. It is the cornerstone of any web marketing activity because it allows you to transform users into customers. A landing page is often customized for pay per click campaigns, so that its content is as close as possible to what is searched on the search engine. There are two types of landing pages, called: Reference Landing Page: they aim to communicate important information for the visitor; these pages may also include particular texts or elements 

Transactional landing pages (Transactional): they push the browser to complete a certain activity (normally fill in a form on the web). This type of landing page is used to sell products, services or content. The goal of a transactional landing page is to ensure that as many surfers arrive on the page and follow the invitation to perform an "action" (such as, for example, clicking on an email, filling out a form of request, click on a link). The efficiency index is called the "conversion rate" ("CR"). To ensure a good CR, the presence of some parameters is important